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The 4th Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication (CMSC 2018)

21–23 July 2018, hosted by The Learning Connexion - School of Creativity and Art (TLC)

This conference follows a series that explores new ways of helping students to achieve 21st Century competencies in mathematics and computer science focusing on algorithmic and computational thinking (computer science unplugged). The conference features keynote talks by researchers and communicators with original work in popularizing mathematics and computer science and sharing of experience by activists with extensive experience in education and outreach.

New Zealand and other education ministries (Australia, Lithuania, and others) are including computational thinking in their curricula. Now is the time to provide these ministries and teachers with activities in order to implement the computational thinking objectives. We would like a 2018 CMSC goal of producing ten more Computer Science Unplugged activities. Please join scientists, researchers, artists of all sorts in developing new ways of communicating computational thinking to children and to the public. We need activities in specific art forms (like dance, graphic art, theatre, …), we need many more that we can try with children.

The 2018 CMSC is a great opportunity for this because we have ample lead time to discuss possible activities prior to meeting in New Zealand, and once at TLC we will have the artists of Jonathan and Alice’s Institute to help implement the ideas into an activity. Already Tim, Matt and Brett are working with teachers who will use the activities.

The previous conferences, held in Darwin, Australia, in 2013Chennai, India, in 2014 , Lübeck, Germany in 2016 saw a unique interaction between computer science/mathematics researchers and educators and artists (theatre, dance, graphic arts).

Previous CMSC conferences are:

3rd)  CMSC2017 University of Luebeck, Germany

2nd)  CMSC2014 Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India (Videos from 2014)

1st)  CMSC2013 Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia

Participation in the conference is open to everyone and will be limited only by logistical constraints.

Please note that the conference will be streamed live. During talk timings, please visit: 

 Find out more here: www.cmsc.nz