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The Art Supplies Shop sells a wide variety of art related materials to students and the public.

Every student enrolled with The Learning Connexion is allocated an account from which they can purchase art supplies.

Certificate students receive an art kit with a selection of art supplies with which to get started on the projects in their programme. The starter kit will be sent out to all distance delivery Certificate students, while on-site Certificate students will be given their starter kits during our Creativity: Thinking for a Change orientation week. Students studying from overseas do not receive a starter kit.


TaiCamp 3.0 Ty 3.1.3 Materials Pano


Shop online or visit us in-store for all your drawing tools, brushes, paper, canvas, printmaking, photography supplies & more.


Materials Shop opening hours

Monday – Friday

9.10am - 4.15pm


0800 TLC Materials (0800 852 628)